Why Was This Website Created?

For 16+ years (started in 1998) I drive 62 miles each way to work and back and there is this overpass on Interstate 70 about 5 miles in the eastbound lane towards Washington PA and spray painted on each pillar one in the east and one in the west-bound lines  is "Trust Jesus".(see pic, and I have a interactive map) and every time I drive pass it I would give it a thumbs up.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom in and rotate 360° and move in any direction, enjoy
If you prefer here is the Longitude and Latitude 40°07'30.4"N 80°22'22.5"W

I have always believed in Jesus ever since I heard about the word of God as a child, I was never a church going person or preaching to those who know less than me type person, but driving by the
"Trust Jesus" sign always made me thank God for everything I have and even thanked God when things were not so perfect, lets say things couldn't get much worse but I still gave the thumbs up.

2003 my son was diagnosed with Leukemia and there was some very scary moments with his treatments and when I would drive by "Trust Jesus" I would still be giving the thumbs up and a little prayer, asking for mercy and blessings for my son. Michael made it through his treatments and I never stopped giving my thumbs up at the "Trust Jesus" sprayed painted on the concrete.

On June 17th 2013, Michael was diagnosed with a Grade IV brain tumor, this is because of a radiation treatment he received to stop the progression of his Leukemia in 2004, This is a very aggressive cancer and still I would be giving a thumbs up and a longer prayer to the "Trust Jesus" asking for my son to survive this.

There are many times I felt lost and I had no control emotionally and felt my prayers were unanswered, but I still gave the thumbs up and still prayed with open eyes and full of tears saying "I Trust You Jesus" as I drove pass the sign at 65MPH

From June 2013 to November Michael was doing okay but he lost his ability to use his right hand, then in December 2013 Michael was losing his ability to walk so we got a wheelchair and the hospital scheduled another MRI on December 23rd and the results were not good, we were told that Michael didn't have long to live and if Michael wanted to do his "Make-A-Wish" this would be the time, Michael said he wanted to go to Hawaii so he could distribute his Meanies to the Children's Hospital, the Doctor was reluctant to have us go that far away but she looked at us and said, sure... go, this was in January 2014

February 2014 we were told Michael only had a few weeks to live and there was nothing else for medical science to do, but.... a few days earlier Michael had 2 radiation treatments and the Doctor told us it was because of the radiation treatments there was brain swelling and his brain was filling with fluids and we couldn't drain these fluids, Now at this time we moved Michael's bed in the living room and he was sleeping more and more each day and we were told that this is how Michael was was going to pass away, and after a week Michael started to stay awake more and more and he started to become more active and within another week he was normal, he was alert and walking so we called the hospital and asked if this was normal. .......... (more details below)

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do,

We get a phone call from the hospital, we were told Hospice was cancelled and that we can start radiation and chemo again. So Michael has received 20 radiation treatments, he finished on March 7th 2014.............. And on March 5th 2014 Michael celebrated his 17th birthday (which he wasn't supposed to see)

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do,

On March 17th 2014 Michael had another MRI and it showed the 4th ventricle which was the opening we needed to drain the fluids from Michael's brain was completely open and the Doctor said his MRI shows great improvement
the results of that MRI showed where the tumor was and it was shrinking in the exact spot where it needed to drain the fluids, and was this because of a radiation treatment was working? no, we were told if anything the radiation treatment would have made it worse so the Doctors at the hospital were perplexed why Michael was getting better they even went as far as to send his MRI all over the country to get other Doctors opinions the results were negative they cannot explain why this happened, but we were told one Dr. said there is only one explanation..........

"Trust Jesus"
.... Yes I do,

Michael was reacting from side-effects from a anti-swelling medication and the MRI showed white spots on his brain, the side-effects were confusion and altered mental status, he wasn't himself. so we called the Hospital they didn't really know  why it was happening then we got a phone call from the hospital after we called about his symptoms and they scheduled an EEG in 6 days,  3 days later Michael started to feel like himself and we got another call from the Hospital saying to cancel the EEG and Michael should return to normal, and as of this typing, Michael is back to normal.

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do,

March 24th 2014 Michael had a Doctor's appointment to get the detailed results from his MRI and the Oncologist told us that she and the other hospital Doctor's are totally confused why Michael's tumor is shrinking so fast and why everything looks so good, because nothing that medical science is doing is shrinking this tumor, we thought it was the radiation and the Doctor said no.  to quote the Doctor. "Totally Bizarre"  and medical science can't explain why he is doing so good.......

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do,

By April 7th 2014 Michael has had 2 more "high tech" MRI's trying to explain what's going on and why he is getting better and at this time Michael is walking on his own with no wheelchair

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do,

On April 16th 2014 we got a call from the Hospital telling us the tumor that almost killed Michael is "almost gone" and there is no "activity" to suggest a new tumor is developing anywhere in his brain. Now I prayed many,many hours talking to Jesus aloud asking for Michael to have a normal life and how I would love to see him return to normal and laugh and be my Michael one more time, I got exactly what I prayed for and with that do I......

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do,

On May 3rd 2014 I was sitting in my chair in the living room and Michael was in the other room and I was watching him on his iPhone laughing and being Michael, I even took a picture because it hit me, I really got exactly what I prayed for..... By Mid-May 2014 Michael started to lose his ability to walk on his own and he had to go back to the wheelchair, and we called the hospital and they scheduled another MRI to see why this is happening on May 22nd, 2014 we got the results of his MRI and there is a new tumor growing what the Doctors call "forward progression" there is no radiation treatments but we are to start oral chemo, this is all the information we have at this time.

Now do I blame Jesus or God, no.. I blame the only power on this planet that uses diseases and cancer and "tries" to take ones faith in God away, but, in this case he fails. because

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do,

June 26th, 2014 Michael had another MRI he was experiencing weakness in his legs and the results showed his tumor is slowly growing, the Doctors adjusted his medication. and I adjusted my thinking, I always considered myself a strong person of faith, I follow God's laws to the best of my ability and I talk to The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit many hours a week, so with my strong faith and beliefs why is this tumor still growing?
The answer is simple, we got our miracle and nothing in this world will ever convince me otherwise, one night I was praying and thanking Jesus for the miracle and was wondering why it was only for a short time then in the morning I was on the computer reading facebook posts looking at something completely not related to what I was praying about the night before and I stumbled on a  post from a man who said, even Lazarus passed away again and miracles aren't forever, now I am not making this up I did stumble on this as because I wasn't looking for it,  Do I Still....

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do,

July 3rd, 2014 Michael passed away at 2:15am, I know my son is with Jesus I feel it in my heart, as I tell people I am physically not doing well, but Spiritually I am perfect. I know I will be with my son again. Now I know I am not the only person who lost a child I am not selfish, But I miss my son he was our only child if evil wanted to really hurt us, mission accomplished, but I do know I will be with my son again and that's the strength that keeps me going. I prayed for Michael to be normal one more time, I got what I prayed for and for that do I....

"Trust Jesus".... Yes I do, In February when Michael was supposed to pass away Michael was saying he was afraid of dying and that he was scared, so in my prayers I pleaded with Jesus to not let my son die this way if you would answer any of my prayers please answer this one. And in late June and early July Michael never mention anything about being scared or afraid of dying I got my prayer answered again, I do Trust Jesus he gave us two miracles from February to July 2014 and that gave us 5 months to be with Michael, when medical science can't explain that's okay, Jesus will explain it

I have and will be praying for my son (now I ask Jesus to hug my son) and I pray for others I know while driving and passing the sign that says "Trust Jesus" even in the best of times and the worst of times we must always "Trust Jesus" and I have to stop and think the person that spray painted that on those concrete pillars probably 20 years ago would know what an impact and inspiration this sign that took a few minutes to...as some would say deface a overpass support, but I considered it a spiritual support, and will always consider it to be that.

So I created this website, to honor that little seen but I know its there blue spray painted "Trust Jesus"

I have driven by  "Trust Jesus" tens of thousands of times and I always give a thumbs up, there are only a few times I got distracted and wasn't able to complete my task of giving my thumbs up.

When things were at their worst with my son and I feel as I don't know how to word my prayer or I feel things aren't going the way I prayed because I want them answered quickly I just say, "I Trust You Jesus"  and I feel comfort knowing my prayer got through even though the answer might be unanswered. The reason why I have the NKJV of the Bible on this website is you should read it at least once in your life if your a Christian, Start with the New Testament, then if you have 77 hours listen to the Old Testament. I would suggest getting the audio Bible, I did

 I am a realist I know giving a thumbs up to a spray painted sign on a bridge over-pass pillar wasn't going to cure my son of cancer, I know what type of world this is and there is evil all around trying to take away what Jesus is trying to do and when I pray I say that Jesus you are the ultimate power your the reason for all that's good in this world and your love shall prevail. I don't understand why people look towards statues or crystals or other man-made objects to say it gives them strength, I believe in Jesus, and that's where I get my strength. I thanked Jesus for everyday I had with my son and I am forever grateful for his love for my son, I am grateful for the miracle Jesus gave us back in February 2014 and that gave us 5 more months to be with my son. (miracles don't last forever, even the people Jesus brought back to life passed away again)

I just don't pray when I see the sign, I pray whenever I get a chance or I just want to talk to Jesus. The lesson here is sometimes you just don't have the answers and that's where you need to pray first then Trust Jesus, I know he is listening, To me this spray painted sign is a reminder that Jesus is listening, you just need to talk

I am not a Christian Scholar or man of the cloth, I do not know the Bible inside and out  I am just a person who finds comfort in knowing that Jesus is there, always

So do "I Trust Jesus" ..... yes I do, because truer words have never been spoken, and that Charlie Brown is and  why I call this website ITrustJesus.net

Paul Carroll

February 11th, 2015