"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me"
                                                                                             "John 14:6"

                      This site is dedicated to my son who passed away from cancer on July 3rd, 2014, he was 17
                                                         "God's Bravest Warriors, Fight Life's Toughest Battles"

                      "For What I Can't Control, I Need To Pray
-Paul Carroll

            There are no lost souls, They just need to turn their GPS back on, GPS = God's Perfect Son

                                                          Give Your Heart To Jesus, God Has Got Your Back

Here on this website you can read the NKJV Old or New Testament, When you click the play button on the picture of the Bible below it will open a new page in your web browser and you can read the NKJV of the Old and New Testament.




If you would like to go to a part of the New King James Version of the Old and New Testament, Here is your engine, Just arrow down in the BOOK dialog box and pick your Book, Choose your Chapter and Verse, or you can leave them blank

Or, If you would like to search All Versions of the Old and New Testament, Here is your engine, Just type in any word or phrase and your linked, this engine only search's the Bible, not the internet. when you enter say "John" a new tab will open in your web browser and you will be connected to the NKJV of the Old and New Testament.



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I am not asking for donations for what I do here on this website, I will never put "paid" ads or banners on this website, for me to do that cheapens my goal. My goal was and still is to provide an easy to use and find on-line bible for you to read. I got inspired by a spray painted "TRUST JESUS" sign on a bridge overpass (read the story on History of Website page) But, If you get inspiration and a feeling of joy reading the Old or New Testament, Mission accomplished but below is a link to the company that brings you an excellent audio of the bible, I like what they do and I purchased their Old and New Testament downloaded it and installed on a USB Flashdrive and I listened to it back and forth to work.

A great companion to reading the Bible online here is The Word of Promise - Bible (It brings the Bible to Life), The great thing is taking the audio Bible with you while listening in your car or on your favorite mobile device you can download the Bible and put the Old/New or both Testaments on a USB Flashdrive or burn to a CD, Below is the company that brought the NKJV of the Old and New Testament to life with over 500 voices and dramatic sound to give you the sense of realism.  "I am not paid by this company",
Hundreds of people worked very hard for you to get inspiration from their craft, I purchased the entire WOP Audio Bible

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October 17th, 2015